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1. [100.00%] Winner's Dinners - Cook for me nicely, dear, and I'll make you a star
intelligent after all. Peter Grundy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne You noted that your hairdresser, Dinah May, was in Shrewsbury with you. What was she doing? It certainly wasn't your hair! John and Judith Booth, Merseyside After
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2010/20100221.php - 8.0kb

2. [100.00%] Winner's Dinners - Nice try, Virgin, but it'll be a private jet next time
misery more equitably? Peter Grundy, Tyne and Wear I saw your recent performance on Celebrity Mastermind. For some contestants the use of the term "celebrity" stretches credulity. For you the term "mastermind" takes credulity past
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2010/20100117.php - 8.1kb

3. [95.45%] Winner's Dinners - Search Restaurant Reviews
Tim Burton Peter Grundy Nick Jones Barry McKay Sir Stirling Moss Adam Osborn Dennis Pallis Don Roberts Stanley Silver Rolf Soderlind Edna Weiss Michael Winner 13 Jun 1993
http://www.winnersdinners.com/search.php?search=letters - 2.7kb

4. [68.18%] Winner's Dinners - Today's special is snails - they will bring your food
and appalling ice cream. Peter Grundy, Newcastle upon Tyne Now we know it's your (lack of) education that has you pontificating about "excellent meringue, rather hard slices of peach and appalling ice cream". Fortunately the majority of
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2012/20121021.php - 7.1kb

5. [68.18%] Winner's Dinners - Finally - a revamp that improves on the original
teeth with you next time. Peter Grundy, Newcastle upon Tyne However much I like to read about your luxurious lifestyle, I'm more interested in your 15 teddy bears . What sort of bears are they? What are their names? Do they have teddy bear
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2010/20100613.php - 8.2kb

6. [68.18%] Winner's Dinners - You just cannot get the service these days
be terribly disappointed. Peter Grundy, Newcastle upon Tyne At Tristan in Mallorca the sommelier picks your water after you've chosen the wine. How pompous is that? It's also ridiculously expensive. Just up your street. Vaughan
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2008/20081221.php - 8.2kb

7. [68.18%] Winner's Dinners - Six chefs, four customers, two stars . . . no hats
than your full frontal? Peter Grundy Newcastle-on-Tyne At the two-Michelin-starred restaurant The Square in London we received a glacial greeting. The food was far from high voltage, served with little grace and consumed at a table
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2005/20050102.php - 8.7kb

8. [68.18%] Winner's Dinners - Lunch with Mo - all over the shop but still historic
Tree estate in Watford. Peter Grundy Newcastle-upon-Tyne I can't believe you chose to wear last week's appalling shirt. Surely someone made you wear it. Stanley Silver, Hertfordshire Your landlord Graham Dobson (Winner's
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2006/20060312.php - 8.6kb

9. [68.18%] Winner's Dinners - From the sublime to the ridiculously rude Mrs X
Chinese restaurants. Peter Grundy, Newcastle upon Tyne With the tragic demise of Mumbai's Taj hotel, you can kiss goodbye to the best curry buffet in the world. I'll cry myself to sleep until I hear it's reinstated. Brian Price,
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2008/20081207.php - 8.0kb

10. [68.18%] Winner's Dinners - An honorary guest for every occasion
She wasn't disappointed. Peter Grundy, Newcastle upon Tyne ITV announced that the following programme featured one of Britain's most celebrated restaurant critics. Imagine my surprise when you hoved into view. Nick Abbott, by email
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2010/20100307.php - 7.5kb

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