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1. [100.00%] Winner's Dinners - Picasso, Bricusse, me - all the greats have eaten here
Picasso, Bricusse, me - all the greats have eaten here Published 13 May 2012 News Review 981st article At La Colombe d'Or, Geraldine and Michael stand behind Evie and Leslie Bricusse (Jill Arle) My friend the
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2012/20120513.php - 7.3kb

2. [37.72%] Winner's Dinners - Hitting the high life and plumbing the depths
Michael with Leslie and Evie Bricusse at Avenue 31 in Monte Carlo (Geraldine Lynton-Edwards) I went up to Cambridge at 18 and left aged 21 with an honours degree in law and economics. I was brilliant. Since then it's been
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2009/20090322.php - 8.2kb

3. [18.86%] Winner's Dinners - The shock of the new - I quite enjoyed it
me, Geraldine and Evie and Leslie Bricusse. He was at Cambridge with me, made multi-millions and has so many houses scattered over the world, he could accommodate the homeless of India and still leave room for Jackie Collins. Leslie has two
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2011/20111204.php - 8.2kb

4. [12.72%] Winner's Dinners - All I want for Christmas - lunch at the Ritz
a brilliant composer, Leslie Bricusse, who was with me at Cambridge University. So happy were they, she turned down a seven-year contract with Fellini to be with her husband and son. We were in Scott's having dinner with Sir Michael and
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2009/20091220.php - 8.0kb

5. [9.65%] Winner's Dinners - At this price, I expect my fusion to be nuclear
of August 19 my friend Leslie Bricusse, the Academy Award-winning lyricist, rang and said: "How are you?" "Have you read my column today, Leslie?" I asked. "Yes," he said. "Then you know how I am. I'm dead," I responded. "And
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2012/20120916.php - 8.1kb

6. [9.65%] Winner's Dinners - My LA story - more horror than thriller
award-winning songwriter Leslie Bricusse, whom I was at Cambridge with, took us to Il Piccolino back on North Robertson Boulevard. Pretty good. Every table had a B-list celebrity at it. Leslie also took us to Shutters on the Beach, a
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2011/20110508.php - 8.4kb

7. [9.21%] Winner's Dinners - Search Restaurant Reviews
Barrington Black Leslie Bricusse Tim Burton Peter Grundy Nick Jones Barry McKay Sir Stirling Moss Adam Osborn Dennis Pallis Don Roberts Stanley Silver Rolf Soderlind Edna
http://www.winnersdinners.com/search.php?search=letters - 2.7kb

8. [6.58%] Winner's Dinners - We can cut the chat, Parky, this place is great
winning songwriter Leslie Bricusse and his ex-actress wife Evie. Bit of a problem when I visited with them. It was a disaster. The whole thing had fallen to pieces. Beyond belief awful. I can just see Parky's face reading this.
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2008/20080106.php - 7.4kb

9. [6.58%] Winner's Dinners - Quite the loveliest Tony Blair mausoleum in town
companions as "my friend Leslie Bricusse /Roger Moore/Michael Caine" etc. Is that because you sometimes eat with strangers? Or perhaps enemies? Can I bring my friend David Beckham/the Archbishop of Canterbury/Prince William along? If so, I'm
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2012/20120520.php - 7.5kb

10. [6.58%] Winner's Dinners - I won't put myself in someone else's hands on my birthday
(back row, from left) Leslie Bricusse, Terry O'Neill, John Gold, Roger Moore, Michael Caine, and seated next to Michael, Andrew Lloyd Webber (Dinah May) People always say, "You can't judge places, you get special treatment!" Oh yeah.
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2005/20051106.php - 8.6kb

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