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1. [100.00%] Winner's Dinners - Chef's table? Don't lead me up the garden path
things have moved on. Don Roberts, Cheshire Following the letter from Julie Stonel - I stayed at the Grosvenor House hotel last Christmas and the waiter found me some Marmite without any problem. He must have liked me. George Mold
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2010/20100509.php - 8.2kb

2. [100.00%] Winner's Dinners - It's foodie paradise - please don't go there
foodie paradise - please don't go there Published 6 April 2008 News Review 768th article Michael and Geraldine in Deia with, sitting between them, Sir Michael and Lady Caine (no credit) Within a one-mile radius of my Holland
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2008/20080406.php - 7.5kb

3. [14.01%] Winner's Dinners - It's taken the palace only 40 years to invite me back
"This soup may be hot"? Don Roberts, Cheshire I recently decided, albeit reluctantly, to sell the signed photograph you kindly sent me. It made £4.93 on eBay. My Bob Dylan autograph was valued at £500. And he's still alive.
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2010/20100801.php - 8.1kb

4. [14.01%] Winner's Dinners - A bad week, on the ground and up in the air
wearing it in the UK. Don Roberts, Cheshire MW confides that Wikipedia has reported his death in recent months. It's difficult to ascertain whether this is wishful thinking or the hope of a self fulfilling prophecy on its part.
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2008/20080330.php - 7.5kb

5. [13.38%] Winner's Dinners - Search Restaurant Reviews
Dennis Pallis Don Roberts Stanley Silver Rolf Soderlind Edna Weiss Michael Winner 13 Jun 1993 , 7 Aug 1994 , 29 Nov 2009
http://www.winnersdinners.com/search.php?search=letters - 2.7kb

6. [9.55%] Winner's Dinners - On the right tracks, Marcus
We should be told! Don Roberts, Cheshire Regarding restaurants that continue to sell alcohol to inebriated and noisy diners: a recent example was Vineria in St John's Wood. The manager did nothing. Whereas at the Wolseley the couple
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2011/20110814.php - 8.2kb

7. [9.55%] Winner's Dinners - Fear not, Wolfgang, you'll cut it in London
But my column in the London Sunday Times is the most read hotel and restaurant column in the world. I don't do waiting. Is Mr Puck here?" Uzma answered, "Yes." I said, "Then I suggest you tell him I'm here." She said, "The room
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2011/20110821.php - 8.4kb

8. [9.55%] Winner's Dinners - Kids on the menu - but I didn't scream
obviously saw you first! Don Roberts, Cheshire "This broad, Juliet ", as you called her, was not looking for Romeo. "Wherefore", as every schoolchild knows, means "why", not "where". Your ignorance is unfortunate. Nick Pritchard,
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2011/20110320.php - 8.3kb

9. [9.55%] Winner's Dinners - Overpriced, overbuilt . . . but I'm still under its spell
week to get your tip money. Don't they have a dole office in Holland Park? Charles GorDon, Wolverhampton So you talk to yourself for hours? And you're only 74. These are early signs and can be treated. Don Roberts, Cheshire I'm
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2010/20100912.php - 8.2kb

10. [9.55%] Winner's Dinners - I draw the line at a coffin lunchbox
to check what had been done. That was one day in the London Clinic. Food from the greatest deli ever, the nearby Reubens of Baker Street. Amazing fried fish, chicken soup with trimmings. Funny way to review restaurants, really.
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2011/20110724.php - 8.1kb

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