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1. [100.00%] Winner's Dinners - It’s not every eatery that can turn me into a Beatle
bed and go to the fridge. Dennis Pallis, Kent Send letters to Winner's Dinners, The Sunday Times, 3 Thomas More Square, London E98 1ST or email
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2011/20110102.php - 8.2kb

2. [75.86%] Winner's Dinners - Kicking off the new year in style
of staying out late? Dennis Pallis, Kent The obituary column got pretty close to yours last week . I hope somebody's not trying to tell us something. Gordon Staples, Wiltshire Sad as it may be, I tend to skip past the
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2010/20100103.php - 7.9kb

3. [72.41%] Winner's Dinners - Search Restaurant Reviews
Moss Adam Osborn Dennis Pallis Don Roberts Stanley Silver Rolf Soderlind Edna Weiss Michael Winner 13 Jun 1993 , 7 Aug 1994 , 29 Nov 2009
http://www.winnersdinners.com/search.php?search=letters - 2.7kb

4. [51.72%] Winner's Dinners - A darn sight tastier than the young Rolling Stones
buy a radish. From Dennis Pallis in Kent: Hymie tells Moishe his wife Becky must be dead. "Why should you say such a thing?" asks Moishe. Hymie replies: "Well, the sex is the same. But the ironing's piling up." Michael's
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2012/20120304.php - 8.1kb

5. [51.72%] Winner's Dinners - Excuse me while I stick the knife into this meringue
or to make us run a mile? Dennis Pallis, Kent I was worried I'd overslept and missed spring and summer. There were so many names dropping like leaves in last week's column , I was convinced it must be autumn. Nick Peeling,
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2012/20120318.php - 7.8kb

6. [51.72%] Winner's Dinners - Pass me the circular saw - I've ordered the tender ribs
of Cambridge cox manque? Dennis Pallis, Kent The sight of your shirt hanging out of your trousers every week gives me an overwhelming urge to tuck it in. I do hope I never meet you. Karyn Wilkes, Suffolk Goodness, an early
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2012/20120226.php - 8.1kb

7. [51.72%] Winner's Dinners - I graduate with a third-class kedgeree
would rather not do? Dennis Pallis, Kent Geraldine pictured outside the Grand Chalet was attired, as usual, with impeccable taste. I suspect you were excluded from the photo to spare us the sight of your lederhosen and feathered cap
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2012/20120212.php - 7.5kb

8. [51.72%] Winner's Dinners - A Casablanca host, but no beautiful friendship
the prenuptial agreement? Dennis Pallis, Kent I notice all the letters are derogatory. This is grossly unfair. I found you to be a charming person on our recent meeting at Oundle. But why did you marry that awful Michael Winner? Alan
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2012/20120101.php - 8.0kb

9. [51.72%] Winner's Dinners - Heavenly from Gstaad to finish
bowled the lady over. Dennis Pallis, Kent My new year's resolution is to be nice to people, so for one last time you looked dreadful in that pose with the perfectly turned out Arrigo. I shall not write again unless to compliment you.
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2012/20120115.php - 7.7kb

10. [51.72%] Winner's Dinners - A bit twee, but champagne Cameron still has a ball
and become more like you? Dennis Pallis, Kent Absolutely amazing . The platinum-listers silver spoon brigade - young adults who go to Cambridge and nick the silver. More potential bankers or members of parliament! Stuart Matthews,
http://www.winnersdinners.com/reviews/2012/20120219.php - 7.9kb

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