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Gourmet grievances

Published 17 June 1993

Sir, Mr Michael Winner asserts (letter, June 15) that he sat quietly in the Michelin two-star restaurant L'Ortolan in Shinfield, Berkshire, and ate food he did not care for.

Can anyone who has had the misfortune, for however short a period, of being in Mr Winner's company (as I have) imagine Mr Winner either sitting quietly or missing an opportunity of making a complaint (with or without good cause) and then, having eaten food he disliked, writing in the visitors' book, "First rate and I ate too much"?

There is, however, a silver lining: the more that Mr Winner gains us publicity, the more customers are, as a direct consequence, visiting and enjoying the restaurant.

Yours truly,

DAVID NAPLEY (Chairman),

Burton-Race Restaurants plc,

107-115 Long Acre, WC2.

June 15.